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11th Jun 2019

PSA: Blue Planet II is now on Netflix

Wil Jones

Prepare to feel bad about all the plastic in the sea all over again

Are you stressed and overworked? Are you having trouble relaxing? Is the weight of the world just too much? Then we have the answer: Netflix has just uploaded Blue Planet II.

David Attenborough’s superlative deep-sea documentary was originally broadcast in 2017, and it became a Sunday night staple on first release. It made the perfect comedown for the end of the weekend, but now the show is available to Netflix subscribers whenever they want.

Just like the first Blue Planet from 2001, the sequel captured incredible footage of the alien world hidden in our oceans. Blue Planet II however also focused on the impact humans were having on the oceans – most notably the amount of plastic that ends up in there.

So yeah, watching it can be a depressing experience at times – but of course, there is also the jaw-dropping footage that BBC Wildlife documentaries are known for.