We finally have the release date for the new season of Black Mirror 4 years ago

We finally have the release date for the new season of Black Mirror

In case you weren't aware, we're very excited for the release of the fourth season of Black Mirror.

Ever since the show switched over to Netflix, we've seen it take a massive leap in scope and talent, and as it ventures into the latest six-part series, it takes another, even bigger and greater leap.


With the director's chair filled with folk who have worked on some amazing movies (The Road, 30 Days Of Night) and some of the best TV out there (Sherlock, Peaky Blinders), in front of the camera, the episodes will have some mighty acting talent, too.

From the teasers we've seen so far, we know that we can expect the darkest of dark horrors, right up to what looks like it could be a fun digi-romance (maybe this season's San Junipero?), and then there is a weird Galaxy Quest-esque, Star Trek parody looking one that seems to have a very ominous undertone that we can't quite put our finger on...

What we didn't know yet - at least up until today - was when exactly the show was coming out.


And of course, it would stand to reason that it will actually arrive on Netflix right when we're all feeling the absolute worst about ourselves, all bloated from too much turkey and seeing the return to work/school /college (delete as appropriate) on the horizon.

Not to worry though, because at least we'll have the Black Mirror to keep us company.

All six episodes will be available on the streaming service from Friday 29 December.

Check out the trailer for the full season below.


Clip via Netflix UK & Ireland