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16th Nov 2018

Black Mirror-inspired board game arrives just in time to ruin friendships this Christmas

Rory Cashin

The most controversial party game this side of Cards Against Humanity.

Remember that episode of Black Mirror Season 3, titled ‘Nosedive’, which featured Bryce Dallas Howard as a woman who finds her life going into total free-fall when an app that rates people designates her with a really low score?

It meant that she wasn’t allowed to talk to certain people, or go to certain places, and she gets covered and mud and stuff?

It was one of the good episodes of the show that felt just a degree or two away from our actual reality, but just those tiny changes were enough to make sure we weren’t living in that nightmare.

Well, that nightmare is about to be made part of our own reality. Hooray?

Nosedive is being made a reality, and will be released in North America from Sunday 25 November, and we’re sure it won’t be long before it gets a full release over here, too.

black mirror board game

As described via The Wrap:

“Endemol Shine North America and gaming publisher and distributor Asmodee North America have partnered on ‘Nosedive,’ which they are deeming the ‘first-ever social board game.’

“The new product challenges players to create a ‘perfect’ life by collecting Lifestyle Cards, while avoiding any ‘dings’ to their Social Score.

And there is an integrated smartphone app available on iOS and Android, because of course there is. The digital game includes ‘over 1,000 unique experiences to impress players’ important friends and improve their social standing’.”

Each round of the game, which should take around 45 minutes to complete, can be played between three and six players, and is for people aged 13 and over, because nobody any younger than that should be exposed to the emotional turmoil of, y’know, ranking your friends. And yourself.

Anyone looking to get the game can head here from November 25, while those who are big Black Mirror fans but maybe don’t want to spend a house party fighting with their friends can check out the new book which goes into great detail about the making of each episode of the show to date.