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19th Dec 2018

Netflix tease the first official details of upcoming Black Mirror film

Rory Cashin

Yes, film! Not episode. FILM!

Details have been thin on the ground regarding the return of Black Mirror, with constantly swirling rumours that the upcoming Christmas special of the show would star Miley Cyrus and would somehow be an interactive episode.

Whether or not any of that is true remains to be seen, but Netflix have officially added the teaser image for the new episode, or should we say, the new Netflix Film, as it is described on the streaming service itself:


Yep, if you search the world ‘Bandersnatch’ on Netflix, you’ll get the above image, and… not much else.

We see images of previous famous episodes from the show, and also the infamous loading screen image from the show.

There is also the description of ‘Be Right Back’, which was the title of the infamously heartbreaking Domhnall Gleeson-starring episode, so… could it be related to that? Or are they just telling us that Black Mirror itself is on the way?

Unless, of course, you do the same thing on your mobile device, which will give you a small bit more information:

Black Mirror iOS

So we know now it is 90 minutes long, and is rated 15 and over.

Nothing more than that right now.

Aside from the other rumour that the episode is set to be released on Friday 28 December, which (again) has been unconfirmed at the time of writing.

Good ol’ Black Mirror and Charlie Brooker, keeping us on our toes!