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09th Jul 2017

The biggest complaint by viewers of Love Island might surprise you

Would you agree?

Laura Holland

Would you agree?

Viewers of Love Island have sent in a few complaints about the show.

It’s not about the amount of sex that is shown on the series or the way the contestants act. The majority of the complaints have come in for something entirely different.

If you’re a fan of the show you will know that the contestants do smoke a lot. Turns out, people are more annoyed about the amount of smoking that gets shown on TV over anything else.

According to The BBC, out of 46 complaints to Ofcom about Love Island, 26 have been about smoking and the promotion of it.

Other complaints received were due to the “sexual material and promiscuity” of the show, and the use of bad language and violence.

The show is on ITV2 after the watershed but it hasn’t stopped people from phoning in their complaints.

Viewers also took to social media to voice their concerns about how often the couples tend to light up on screen.