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16th Jan 2018

Big Narstie just presented the weather on Good Morning Britain and it was hilarious

James Dawson

The year’s most unexpected collab?

Big Narstie made a surprise appearance on today’s Good Morning Britain.

And, not only was the rapper and singer in the studio alongside Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, he also decided to take care of the day’s weather forecast

He shared the spotlight with the show’s usual forecaster Alex Beresford and let the people of Britain know exactly how grim today was going to be.

He said the highlands were getting a ‘bag of snow’, before informing midlanders they had to watch out if had any pets, as ‘they’ll be getting bare mud in [their] yard.’

Narstie continued by warning: “Please dress appropriately for the weather, and ladies and kids dress warm.

“The flu is killing us. The flu is out here to get us. So Lemsip and warm clothes.”

With Alex adding: “You can stop now because you’re just a little bit too good.”

This should definitely be a long-term thing, sort it out ITV.