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12th Jun 2020

Big Mad Andy’s ultimate Peep Show quiz

Liam Noble aka Big Mad Andy hosts a quiz between resident Peep Show experts Alex and Reuben to see who is JOE's true Peep Show master

I am the lord of the quiz said he

I’m gonna let you behind the curtain a bit here and tell you what goes on – or what did go on pre-Covid – at the JOE office. A few of us a big Peep Show ultras. I sit next to our fitness editor, Alex Roberts, and we basically converse solely through Peep Show quotes all day. Nobody else laughs when I say “chance would be a fine thing” for the 15th time, but he does.

Anyway, to put this sort of frighteningly unnecessary knowledge to the test, Dobby Club teamed up with us and got Liam Noble AKA Big Mad Andy to put us through the Peep Show gauntlet.

Check out Dobby Club’s Facebook page, by the way. They host pub quizzes with Liam, in pubs pre-lockdown and now via online streams.