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26th Feb 2018

Bethany Platt’s ‘gritty’ glass attack story is about to kick off on Coronation Street

Jade Hayden

Bethany’s glass attack storyline is set to kick off on Coronation Street this week, leading to a possible prison sentence.

The younger Platt woman will be returning to lap-dancing this week after a bit of a break when she hears that the club is under new management and that she could probably earn a bit of extra cash this way.

However, as always on Corrie, things don’t go all that smoothly.

And, as usual, be warned for spoilers below.

Still suffering PTSD from being groomed by Nathan a few months back, later this week, Bethany mistakes a man from a stag do for her abuser.

While dancing for the group of men, one of them drunkenly tries to touch her. Bethany convinces herself that she sees Nathan, grabs a glass bottle, and lashes out at him.

Soon afterwards, Bethany is arrested and questioned by police.

It remains to be seen whether or not the ex-salon worker will be charged with grievous bodily harm (GBH), but actor Lucy Fallen has said that Bethany’s reaction to being touched is in line with the trauma she experienced at the hands of her abuser.

She told Digital Spy that going back to the club hasn’t afforded her the control she thought she would get.

She said:

“When she worked for Lulu, it was very much a ‘no touching’ policy. The men are getting up very close and she starts to feel very panicky.

“It is pure instinct when she grabs a bottle and smashes it on the table, then glasses him with it. It is very quick. She doesn’t even have time to think about it.”

Bethany’s mum Sarah suggests that her daughter should go back to therapy, but Bethany isn’t really sure whether counselling will help her this time.

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.