Here are the 9 best films on TV this Saturday 11 months ago

Here are the 9 best films on TV this Saturday

Plenty to choose from

It's St. Patrick's weekend so you know what that means: sport. Lots and lots of sport with a little sport in there for good measure, but if you're tired of the Six Nations, FA Cup, and Premier League, there are plenty of excellent films on the box too.

The weather might be horrible but the films on television are great.

The Devil Wears Prada - 18.45 on Film Four

Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway may get all the headlines but it's the moment when everyone realised just how great Emily Blunt is.

Home Alone -19.55 on E4



Forgetting Sarah Marshall - 21.00 on Comedy Central

Kunu: It looks like you got a little pain behind those eyes.
Peter Bretter: Yeah, maybe a little.
Kunu: There's really only one cure for that.
Peter Bretter: Yeah, what's that?
Kunu: Weed. You got any?
Peter Bretter: No.
Kunu: Oh. Well then let's go surfin'!

Paul Rudd is a god.

Waynes World 2 - 21.00 on Universal TV

The greatest standalone character of the '90s. Discuss.

Films on TV

Kick-Ass - 21.15 on Comedy Central

Nic Cage channels Adam West's take on Batman. What's not to love?

Outbreak - 21.10 on SyFy

Bad monkey!

Sicario - 22.15 on Channel 4

Benicio del Toro gives one of his best ever performances in this thriller that's tense, tough, and terrifying.

Behind the Candelabra  - 22.45 on BBC2

Steven Soderbergh's film dramatises the last ten years in the life of pianist Liberace and the relationship he had with Scott Thorson. Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are excellent.

Avengers Assemble - 23.00 on BBC1

The MCU? Na, never heard of it mate.

Only kidding, a wonderful meeting of The Avengers as Hulk smashes everything he sees.

Films on TV