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11th Jun 2019

The beloved ’90s classic Are You Afraid of the Dark? is about to return

Paul Moore

It’s back.

Fresh from the news that X-Men: The Animated Series looks set to return, we’re fairly certain that Hollywood studio types are all having the same sort of meeting.

They get a big bag of cans, order some pizza and say ‘you know what show/film was class?’

Hey presto, there’s new versions of Rugrats, The Mighty DucksX:Men and countless others, however, Nickelodeon’s anthology series Are You Afraid of the Dark? will always have a special draw.

The show originally ran from 1992 to 1996 and was revived between 1999 and 2000.

The show was incredibly popular because it depicted horror stories to young audiences, all from a kid’s perspective.

When the Are You Afraid of the Dark? revival was first announced in February, Nickelodeon said that the miniseries will coincide with the upcoming Are You Afraid of the Dark? theatrical movie.

However, the film has been pushed back from its original release date of October 2019.

D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia) was previously announced as the director for the movie, but now it’s unclear if he’s still attached.

As far as new miniseries is concerned, the producers have already cast Sam Ashe Arnold (Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever.), Miya Cech (Rim of the World), Tamara Smart (Artemis Fowl, The Worst Witch), Jeremy Taylor (It, Goosebumps 2:Haunted Halloween), Lyliana Wray (Top Gun: Maverick, Black-ish), and Rafael Casal (Blindspotting), with the series slated for release in October.

The new members of the Midnight Society are: Gavin (Arnold), Akiko (Cech), Louise (Smart), Graham (Taylor) and Rachel (Wray). The Carnival of Doom’s ringmaster, Mr. Tophat, will be played by Casal.

The three-episode (each an hour long) limited series will be directed by Dean Israelite (Power Rangers, Project Almanac) and we’re going to be introduced to an entirely new Midnight Society as the group of kids tell a terrifying tale about the Carnival of Doom, only to have the events of the story come to life.