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06th Dec 2017

Becky Vardy says ‘so many scenes’ with Iain weren’t shown

'Me and Iain had some really great conversations.'

Anna O'Rourke

Some viewers have called for her to step down as a mental health ambassador.

Becky Vardy has claimed that her relationship with I’m A Celebrity campmate Iain Lee wasn’t portrayed accurately on the show.

In an interview on Good Morning Britain, she said that she was very upset by claims that she’d bullied him.

“I cried when I found out. It seems that so many scenes weren’t aired on the show,” she said.

“The whole time I was checking if he was OK, especially after he failed his first trial. He wouldn’t eat and I had to force him to have food.

“I questioned whether he was playing a game as I didn’t understand how he could go from being so withdrawn and quiet to being loud and boisterous the minute the camera was on him.”

Becky is an ambassador for Young Minds, a UK mental health charity for kids and teenagers, but some viewers have called for her to be dropped from the role.

Becky also told hosts Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid that she felt under pressure when she called Iain ‘fake’ on Extra Camp and said she had actually gotten on with everyone.

“I was under pressure when I made that comment about him being an utter fake,” she added.

“Do you know what? Me and Iain had some really great conversations and I gave him a lot of pep talks.

“In all honesty, there isn’t anyone I didn’t get on with contrary to what everyone said.

“There were no dramas, there were no aggravations we all got on really well which I think the public didn’t like.”