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11th May 2019

Avengers: Endgame is getting a post-credits scene added, two weeks after release

Wayne Farry

avengers endgame post credits scene

The long-awaited traditional post-credits scene is finally here

When Marvel fans went to see Avengers: Endgame upon its release two weeks ago, many noted the absence of something which has become traditional in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: a post-credits scene.

All of the recent MCU films have had one which has appeared at the end setting up the next film in the series.

With Endgame representing an end to this phase of the MCU, fans were slightly disappointed but not surprised to see that the latest instalment in the series ended without one.

This was natural. Endgame was the conclusion to this era and saw many popular and seminal characters either die or depart to pastures and times new.

Two weeks after its release though, we now have an official post-credits scene… well sort of.

The post-credits scene in question is in fact the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home – the second Spider-Man film to be released under Marvel rather than Sony.

Far From Home directly tackles the aftermath of Endgame – particularly (SPOILER ALERT) Peter Parker’s reaction to the death of his friend and mentor Iron Man.

The trailer has not been played at theatres prior to their showings of Endgame for the simple fact that it would spoil one of the major events of the movie, and instead is playing after the credits of the movie.

If you’ve already seen Endgame and don’t want to fork out for another ticket, you can simply watch the trailer below.