Chris Evans has worrying reaction to Avengers: Endgame 3 years ago

Chris Evans has worrying reaction to Avengers: Endgame

ALERT: This article contains jokes about spoilers that we can neither confirm nor deny

It must be tough for Avengers stars discussing their fate ahead of one of the biggest film releases of all-time, and Chris Evans is taking his own particular approach to spoilers.


Ahead of the release of Avengers: Endgame, the 37-year-old Captain America actor appears to be intent on winding up fans by joking about his character's death.

"Yeah, I wish I could," he told Hollywood Reporter when asked if he could reveal the ending. "It's — I mean — it's a good one. It's a real good one. I saw, like, the first hour of it."

We can all remember Tom Holland's not-so-careful treading of the line when it came to not revealing Spiderman's fate in Infinity War and Evans' comments may or may not be a warning in themselves.


"Right, exactly," Evans joked after being asked if he stopped watching when Captain America dies.

"After I die by Tony's hand, I just said, You know what? I can't watch this.

"I can't believe they even cut together a trailer, because so much of it is a visual spoiler. You'll see. A lot of the characters have — probably shouldn't have even said that."

In summarising Endgame, Evans made clear that it is "really good", but how do we know that wasn't a joke too?


"This one's really good," he said. "I choked up like three times."

Again, the prospect of Captain America dying came up, to which he replied: "Right. It's hard. Seeing my own death [laughs].

"It's going to be a long movie, that's for sure. The first edit clocked in over three hours. My funeral's like an hour."

On the matter of retiring from acting now Avengers has come to an end, Evans was clear that he was never intending on finishing up just yet.


"I never said the word 'retire'," he stated. "It's a really obnoxious notion for an actor to say they're going to retire — it's not something you retire from."