Athletes have got a major Pokemon complaint about the Rio Olympic village 6 years ago

Athletes have got a major Pokemon complaint about the Rio Olympic village

One is a group of people who have decided to take a game they enjoyed as a child far too seriously and let it take over their lives - and the other are Pokemon Go players.

But did you know that some Olympic athletes actually find time in their busy schedules to play the incredibly popular augmented reality game ahead of what might be the most important month of their lives.


Preparations for this month's Olympic game in Rio de Janeiro have been dogged by accusations of poor planning and the inevitable claims that nothing will be ready to go once things kick off on Saturday, August 6.


Olympic organisers have had to deal with whole countries being banned - as well as pretty much no golfers taking it seriously - and that's not to mention the various allegations of human rights violations.

But with the opening ceremony just days away, athletes are settling into their new homes in the Olympic village and they are coming across a common complaint.

It's not the heat or even the supposedly dangerous air of the Brazilian city, but the lack of Pokemon which has annoyed competitors.

The incredibly popular game has yet to be released in Brazil, leaving athletes from all over the world forced to halt their progress.



But hey, it could be worse.

At least they weren't sent back to level one after updating their app.

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