Arthur series finale reveals adult versions of familiar characters 4 months ago

Arthur series finale reveals adult versions of familiar characters

Francine now looks like if Ellen and Sharon Osbourne were morphed together

Monday marked the day that childhood favourite Arthur concluded after an impressive 25 seasons - and with it came a look into the futures of some of its most beloved characters.


The show launched in 1996 and has been a nostalgic staple ever since. The series followed the life of the titular character Arthur, his friends, family and the usual humdrum of childhood chaos.

The final episode, rightly titled "All Grown Up" sends us 20-years into the future where Arthur is now a graphic novelist. Reading his next novel to his friends, Arthur is boasting some funky facial hair.

Muffy the monkey is running for mayor and George is the new owner of the Sugar Bowl dessert bar. Francine now works at a sneaker company and is rocking a rather striking haircut.


Now we will never know why Francine looks like Sharon Osbourne and Ellen had a love child

We saved the best for last because although the show was called Arthur, everyone's true MVP was Buster the bunny. Well, it turns out the goofy character is now a teacher at the very same school he attended.

While Arthur's show came to a climactic conclusion, there are already plans for podcasts, educational videos and numerous other multi-media ventures.


Buster Buster is now a teacher

Fans have been reminiscing about the show on Twitter, with one writing: "WHY DOES ARTHUR LOOK LIKE A F*****G TWITCH STREAMER?"

"The implication that Arthur was just bald (In a sense as i know he's covered in fur) the entire series is funny to me," another said above an image of Arthur's now full head of hair.


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