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12th Jul 2018

This is the real reason for Samira leaving Love Island

And it is nothing to do with going home for Frankie

Cathy Donohue

Apparently we haven’t even seen the worst of Georgia

The Love Island drama just keeps coming hard and fast and the latest isn’t good at all.

Although fans thought Samira left the villa because she wanted to pursue a relationship with Frankie Foster, who left the show last week, it turns out there could be a bit more to it.

Earlier today, Samira told her fellow villa residents that her heart wasn’t in it and said it “was her time to go”.

People thought it was just down to the fact that she hadn’t much of a connection with anyone bar Frankie and with him back home, she just wasn’t happy.

However, according to one source, Samira and Georgia didn’t see eye to eye and this could be part of the reason for Samira’s decision to leave.

Apparently, they fought quite a lot but these scenes weren’t shown for one reason or another.

A Love Island insider told The Mirror:

“There is a lot we aren’t seeing, Georgia has been catty to the other girls and Samira has kept her mouth shut but it is getting to her.

“Producers have cut a lot of Georgia out and it was just getting to Samira, she couldn’t confide in anyone as she felt she would upset the villa, especially Dani who is good friends with both her Georgia”.

The source said Samira “had enough” and it does sound like it was getting very dramatic to be fair.

Could this be the real reason why Samira decided to leave the show? We’ll just have to wait and see…


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