Ant and Dec flooded with Ofcom complaints after Saturday Night Takeaway joke 5 months ago

Ant and Dec flooded with Ofcom complaints after Saturday Night Takeaway joke

96 people complained to Ofcom because of a joke about Dec being small

It does seem that people will complain about literally anything these days. Almost 100 people decided to get in touch with Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator, to complain about a joke that Ant made about Dec's height.


The joke was made in the pair's comedy sketch Double Trouble as part of their hugely popular show Saturday Night Takeaway. In the sketch series, which is about celebrities across the country having evil clones made of them (watch out Spielberg), the Geordie lads are chasing a hooded figure, who turns out to be Bear Grylls.

This is where it gets explosive. You have been warned.

Ant and Dec ask him "Have you come to rescue us?" to which Grylls replies "No, this thing is way bigger than you."

Ant then gestures towards Dec and goes "Well everything is bigger than him." And for some unknown, perplexing reason, this prompted 96 people to ring up Ofcom and make a formal complaint. What a country. They probably have them on speed dial or something.

Don't worry though, the two won't be fearing cancel culture or the prospect of being taken off air. Saturday Night Takeaway is getting viewing figures around the 8 million mark since its return. It seems like the fun-filled show is exactly what people need after the winter of lockdown we've all had.

Maybe the 96 who complained were just having a bad day - a case of the lockdown blues, perhaps - and needed something to get angry at and complain about.


Maybe though they also just need to get a sense of humour and cheer up.