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24th Sep 2018

An immersive Peaky Blinders festival is coming to the UK


Get down there… by order of the Peaky Blinders!

There’s no doubting that Peaky Blinders has become a global phenomenon with bars, gins, jumpers and beers having been launched around the show.

But aside from all the gangsters, violence and characters, another reason why Peaky Blinders has proven to be so intoxicating for viewers is the lifestyle depicted in it.

Many fans of the show wish they could have a chance to experience the world of the show, and now they will be able to travel back to the turn of the twentieth century, at the location the notorious gang made their first reported assault for the Peaky Blinders Immersive Festival in Birmingham.

Among the activities that visitors will be able to experience are vintage fairground rides, live street magic, local Brummie ales, Irish folk musicians, live boxing and historical talks.

The event description reads: “You are invited to step into the murky working-class Birmingham world of the infamous gang, with underground bootleg bars and over 100 actors and musicians in flapper dresses and iconic caps.

“You too will feel like an actor in the backstreets of an iconic Birmingham district.”

Tickets to the event cost £32.70 and you can find them here.