Americans reacting to this 90s Mr Blobby video is absolutely brilliant 5 years ago

Americans reacting to this 90s Mr Blobby video is absolutely brilliant

Long before he committed the remainder of his TV career to talking to an imaginary banker on a pretend phone, Noel Edmonds was well-known for bringing Mr Blobby to our screens.

Mr Blobby was a sort of giant pink and yellow-spotted blob thing (clue's in the name) with a disturbing voice and an unpredictable personality.


He was a mainstay on Edmonds' Saturday night show Noel's House Party, and made regular guest appearances on other shows too. 

Given that Blobby was on British TV in the 90s, when lot of us were still children, we probably just accepted him. There was very much an 'anything goes' attitude towards entertainment in those days. Nowadays, he seems terrifying.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Blobby didn't exactly go international, and it would appear that Americans have only just discovered him.

A Reddit user by the name of Soren_Aabye managed to dig up a YouTube clip of Mr Blobby's appearance on the Big Fat Quiz Of The 90s, immediately proclaiming himself a fan when he called it the 'funniest, weirdest, most brilliant bit of television I've ever seen in my entire life'.

Not everyone echoed his sentiments, however. In fact, a lot of the comments were very anti-Blobby indeed.


Redditor Straub42 said: "JAaAHCKk! Hides behind desk and pees pants."

Whargod: "I'm with Jack,WTF? Kill it with fire!"

Sstair: "He looks like silly putty, and sounds like a Dalek."

Zygote_harlot: "His voice is very unsettling."

PM_ME_UR_GAPE_GIRl: "This is like going to a friend's family reunion. You understand they have traditions and their own thing going on but no matter what those people's shit is weirder than your family's shit."


Kmcg103: "Had to shut it off. It was freaking out my cats."

Gedrii: "OMG when it started talking I had to click away from it. that voice is terrifying."

Gangrel13: "I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying."

WatchOutRadioactiveM: "I will never understand the sophistication of British humor."


Jpt411: "Mr. Blobby is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen in my entire fucking life."

If they think that was weird, probably best to avoid this...