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19th Sep 2016

An American tried to rap on Come Dine With Me and British people want to die

Neither the time nor the place.


What is wrong with people?

Can’t people have a nice meal without feeling the need to burst into freestyle rap at the dinner table?

It seems not. Nearly every week on Come Dine With Me, poor dinner guests have to endure some amateur Eminem’s dire attempts at rhyming.

Surely prospective contestants on the cooking show must have watched this guy and thought ‘never again must this be allowed to happen’? Surely?

Other attempts at dropping barz on the Channel 4 show have been equally horrific as people at home have curled their toes until they turned in on themselves and imploded into a cringing vortex.

Clearly lessons should have been learned from all this. Just like putting your elbows on the table, slurping your soup or burping the National Anthem, rapping has no place at a British dinner table. It’s just not cricket.

But we were wrong. An American woman on Monday night’s episode of Come Dine With Me banged out some impromptu lyrics mid meal and it was quite something.

That wasn’t even the end of it either….

It’s safe to say the British viewing public were in disbelief at what they’d just witnessed…

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