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04th Jun 2018

Amber Davies issues warning to this year’s Love Island contestants

Jade Hayden

She describes the experience as “mentally exhausting”

So, yeh, Love Island kicks off tonight and with all eyes on the show, some of the Z-listers kicking about from last year have decided to weigh-in on its 2k18 incarnation.

Ahead of tonight’s launch, one of last year’s winners decided to give a warning to the contestants who are looking for love in the villa tonight about the show’s darker side.

Amber Davies, who won the show with ex-boyfriend Kem Cetinay last summer, has said that you need to have a thick skin if you want to survive life in – and outside of – the villa.

Speaking on Lorraine earlier today, she said that the attention she received when the show was over was “overwhelming.”

“We had no idea how much it was going to blow up, so we were all going in there for the right reasons, so I hope they’ve kept that this year as well,” she said.

“You need to have a really good support system around you, and that’s what I’ve been saying for everyone that’s gone in this year.

“You need to have really thick skin because otherwise, it can damage you.”

Amber also said she thought it was difficult to continue a relationship and a career once leaving the villa.

She and Kem confirmed their split a few months back with Amber saying that they were “in different stages” of their lives.

The former contestant said the experience was “mentally exhausting” but that it was still one of the “best summers” of her life.

“You have to make that decision. You either commit to the relationship and you work on the relationship, or you get sworn into this life and you concentrate on your career.”