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16th Jul 2016

Alexis Sanchez’s Titanic-themed video is utterly bizarre

We have no words

Tom Victor

Sometimes you see something on the internet that entirely defies explanation.

In such circumstances, we’ve found the best approach is to just go with it. No good can come from asking questions.

Considering the breadth of news stories to emerge over the last few weeks, we could be talking about a number of things, but in this case the topic of discussion is Alexis Sanchez’s new video.

The Arsenal man shared what initially looks like a simple seascape, accompanied by the Titanic theme music for reasons which escape us. Confused? You should be. But stay with us.

Towards the end of the clip, just as you’re preparing to chalk this one up to Alexis being Alexis, you get the big reveal – the Chilean posing with his best friends in the whole wide world.

That’s right, Atom and Humber, his loyal dogs. We just knew he couldn’t go a minute without them.

It’s not the first time the former Barcelona forward has spent time on camera with the hounds.

There was a famous advert for Master Dog dog food, of course, while Atom and Humber also feature prominently on Sanchez’s Instagram page to the point that we’ve begun worrying whenever he goes a week or two without sharing an update from the pair.

Forget Giroud, Özil and new signing Granit Xhaka – these two are Sanchez’s most important team-mates.