Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression is so good it fooled a national newspaper 4 years ago

Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression is so good it fooled a national newspaper

Saturday Night Live is really kicking into gear.

They've being shovelled more material than they can handle, between the gum-swallowing press secretary Sean Spicer, the alternative-facts espousing Kellyanne Conway, to the Manchild-in-Chief himself, President Trump.


Trump has been deftly played by SNL veteran Alec Baldwin, whose impersonation is fast becoming a mainstay of the satirical US comedy show. But it seems his impression is so accurate, even newspapers are getting Baldwin confused with the Prez.

El Nacional, a newspaper in the Dominican Republic, ran an article discussing Trump's stance on Israeli settlements, but look who they popped in next to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.


But wait a minute. Even though yes, Alec Baldwin does a good Donald Trump, it's still clearly not Donald Trump, which begs the question of how this came to be?


Was it the intern's turn to source pictures for that edition? Or perhaps El Nacional is deliberately fucking with the President, trying to wind him up.

According to the newspaper's statement, this is what actually happened:

'On Friday El Nacional incorrectly published a picture of actor Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, who imitated the president of the United States on a television program.

'The picture was sent that day by Associated Press (AP) with the name of the actor, but was placed as if it were Trump's, a situation that went unnoticed for all who reviewed page 19.'

So it was just a good old-fashioned, honest cock-up. Or *straps on tinfoil hat* was it?

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