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22nd May 2019

Aladdin but with adult scooters instead of a magic carpet

A whole new world to ruin

Ciara Knight

Aladdin’s surname is Thestreetsbutagentlemaninthesheets

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s an Aladdin remake hitting theatres across the UK this Friday.

It’s an exciting time for Aladdin enthusiasts as they finally get to see what this completely fictional story would look like in almost real life, complete with an acrobatic boy, kleptomaniac monkey, blue genie, magic lamp and most importantly, a magic carpet.

But what if we mashed this upcoming movie with the hottest accessory of 2019 – an adult scooter? What then, eh? WHAT. THEN.

So for no reason other than a very mediocre level of banter, I’ve poorly photoshopped an adult scooter in place of Aladdin’s magic carpet during some pivotal scenes in the 1992 edition of the movie.

It’s no weirder than the concept of a rug having magical powers, frankly.


Images via Disney