Ben Affleck recalls his time as a child TV presenter in the UK 5 years ago

Ben Affleck recalls his time as a child TV presenter in the UK

Yes, this actually happened.

Ben Affleck might be one of the biggest stars on the planet now, but it was a long road to the top for the man who can be currently seen in cinemas in The Accountant.


We caught up with him recently for a chat about the movie, which you can see here.

Back in the early days, well before Good Will Hunting, Affleck starred in an educational programme about science and maths called Voyage of the Mimi, which aired in the 1980s.

The series was mostly set in the US, but Affleck also shot the show in the UK and clips of him doing so were dug out while he was on the couch on The Graham Norton Show on Friday night.

While maths and science are often interesting subjects, they can quite often be boring too and the most amusing part of the clip was a young Affleck trying his best to feign interest while chatting to experts about some ‘riveting’ topics.

Clip via The Graham Norton Show


There's a nice little dig at Pearl Harbour in there as well; good to know that Ben, like the rest of us, realises just how terrible a movie that really is.

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