Adele *will* headline Glastonbury and be bigger than The Beatles in 2016 4 years ago

Adele *will* headline Glastonbury and be bigger than The Beatles in 2016

At JOE, all Glastonbury bets are off.

Emily Eavis revealed this week that she 'shook hands' at this year's festival with a 2016 headliner, which rules out Rihanna, Taylor Swift and definitely Prince. His purple platforms are yet to touch Pilton soil in any capacity.


That still leaves plenty of candidates, but someone we do know who was hanging backstage and who ventured into the crowd for Kanye West (and therefore most probably shook Emily's hand) was Adele.

Headlining Glastonbury has always been a box she'd love to tick, especially after Florence Welch nailed her big performance.

It's believed the Tottenham-born singer has verbally agreed but is yet to sign a contract. Could her crippling stage fright from large crowds be delaying a signature?

And then there's the fact that by the time we're due to pull on our wellies in June, she could be on par with The Beatles.


That's right - to put her success into perspective, her first album '21' outsold Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' and the Londoner's new record, 25, has become the best-selling release of 2015 in just three days.

By Monday, it had sold 2.3million copies, more than your average artist will sell over their entire career. How many copies will she have shifted by June 2016? Some insiders predict it will be in 1 of every 3 households.


Who else has the Glastonbury jigsaw brought to the fore?

Coldplay are pretty much a dead cert to play after dropping the classic "I'm not sure we're meant to say" clanger during a radio interview, unless it's a ruse.

And then there's Muse. We forgot about Matt Bellamy and Co., who begin their 'Drones' world tour in December, with dates planned across the UK in April - again, perfectly timed for Glastonbury.

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But what about The Stone Roses? After the recent hype, surely they have to pop up somewhere. Do they fight it out with Muse for the gig? Clearly Ian, Mani, John Squire and Remi would win if things got physical, although Matt could blast them out of the room with his falsetto.

Would they agree to headline the Other stage maybe? After selling out the Etihad Stadium for four nights, probably not. Although many hope so.

As we all know, Glastonbury isn't about the Pyramid Stage headliners anyway, there's so much more to watch, listen and learn...or just talk nonsense at The Park stage.

JOE's Pyramid Stage predictions are:

Friday: Muse

Saturday: Adele

Sunday: Coldplay

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