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01st Jul 2017

Adele calls Love Island contestant a tramp during her recent gig

Paul Moore

Like Liam Gallagher, she’s a fan of the show but not of one person.

There’s no denying that Love Island is one of the most popular shows with the public, but if your TV tastes are different, here are some nice stories about Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, True Detective, Friends and countless others to keep you occupied.

See, we cater for every TV lover but as mentioned previously, but there’s a fascination with Love Island that’s almost inexplicable.

Na, it’s actually pretty easy to explain. Everyone on the show is trying to get the ride and the public just want to switch their brain’s off and see some desperate attempts at romance.

With news that Adele has cancelled her final two gigs at Wembley, it’s likely that she’s going to have more free time to watch her latest TV fascination, Love Island.

During a recent show, the Hello singer admitted that she’s addicted to the show before offering up her views on the relationship between Gabby and Marcel.

In a recent episode, Gabby Facetimed her mother to find out if she was ‘proud’ of her for being well behaved and Adele talked about this during her recent gig.

“I mean Love Island, shall we talk about that? Jesus Christ. My husband and I watched it last night. Real people have real sex on real TV. When that girl Facetimed her mum, “mum are you proud of me?” No she ain’t. No she fucking ain’t proud of you! You tramp.”

It’s worth noting that Gabby hasn’t actually had sex on the show, so it’s more than likely that Adele got her names mixed up.

Sometimes it lasts in Love Island but sometimes it hurts instead.