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13th Apr 2016

Aaron Paul once relied on the weirdest advert you’ve ever seen to pay his bills

Got to earn a living

Matt Tate

Aaron Paul well and truly hit the big time with Breaking Bad, and these days he’s never struggling to catch the eye of Hollywood directors.

But it wasn’t always that way. Everyone’s got to start somewhere, and as it happens, Aaron Paul started with strange chewing gum adverts.

During an interview on Conan, Paul explained that for two years he was dependant on a Juicy Fruit commercial to pay the bills.

The ad basically involves a much younger-looking Aaron Paul using mind control to take a pack of gum from what appears to be his Science teacher’s shirt pocket. In doing so, he also tears off his shirt. The teacher gets his revenge, though, as the wacky advert ends with Aaron’s character toppling off his chair and losing his pants. Yep, it really is a weird one.

Due to the fact that it didn’t have any conversation, the advert was used all over the world, and proved to be pretty lucrative for those involved.

Paul explained: “It was one commercial, but it had no dialogue in it. So they were able to sell the commercial to multiple countries. And so, I would get residuals every 13 weeks. When they stopped playing that commercial, it was such a loud reality check. ‘Oh my God, I need to get a job.'”


Aaron Paul