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19th Jan 2017

A major change is happening to the X Factor and it will disappoint a lot of viewers

It won't be the same without it

Laura Holland

No more switching over for more.

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A decision has been made to axe The X Factor spin-off show, The Xtra Factor.

It will be replaced with a digital version which promises to have more online content. The spin-off show has always been a part of the main show since it began in 2004 and getting rid of it in its current form is a massive change to the show’s format.

The Xtra Factor has been presented by the likes of Caroline Flack, Holly Willoughby and most recently Rylan Clarke-Neals and Matt Edmondson.

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Richard Holloway, managing director of Thames TV, who make the show, told ITV:

“In the past year there has been an increase in digital engagement and online audiences around The X Factor.

In light of this, ITV’s strategy to focus their efforts on digital means The Xtra Factor on linear television has come to its natural end.

We’ve had great fun making the show and would like to thank Rylan, Matt and Roman (Kemp) for their fantastic and entertaining work on the last series.

We now look forward to focusing on making great content for our social platforms in support of the main show.”