A lot of people have noticed this tiny detail in Stranger Things 11 months ago

A lot of people have noticed this tiny detail in Stranger Things

We're not crying... YOU'RE CRYING.

This post contains spoilers for the latest season of Stranger Things...

The second season of Stranger Things landed on Netflix around Halloween and was greeted with much fanfare. People had been waiting for its release since the explosive first season of the show.

While there was plenty of drama and some dramatic deaths to go along with it... we're talking about you Bob, you brave bastard.


One moment caught the eye of some eagle-eyed fans, and when you realise the significance of it, you'll be struck by how nice (and heartbreaking) the moment is.

In the first season of the show, David Harbour wears a blue bracelet on his wrist. He was asked about it numerous times on Twitter and he finally replied with, “It’s subtle, but there. Rewatch the first flashback with my daughter in season one. See if you can spot it…”


In Season One, there's a flashback to his daughter Sara while she was still alive, and you can see she's wearing the blue hair tie which eventually becomes Hopper's bracelet when she passes away.

In the first season, we can clearly see him wearing it.

Fast forward to the final episode of the second season and we're at the Hawkins Middle School Snow Ball. The characters are dancing, and you can see Jane (Eleven) is wearing the bracelet while dancing with Mike.

This is shortly after Dr Owens gives them the fake birth certificate so that Hopper can adopt Jane.

A lovely subtle moment from the show's creators...