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18th Dec 2016

A Game of Thrones spin-off looks a lot closer to becoming a reality

Some exciting news straight from the boss of HBO

Tony Cuddihy

It’s come straight from the CEO of HBO, which makes the massively popular series.

Fans of Game of Thrones can, in all likelihood, look forward to a spin-off of the series when it finally winds down over the next year or two.

With only around 13 hours of material left to be filmed across the final series, talk has turned to how the franchise can be extended.

A prequel – based around the events of Robert’s Rebellion – has been rumoured for a long time and HBO CEO Richard Plepner has definitely not ruled it out.

“There might be some brand extension [for GOT] that would be exciting,” he said, corporately.

“It certainly has not escaped the producers.”

That, of course, would mean a return for Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon, an incredibly exciting prospect for fans of the show.

“Right now we’re focused on finishing the series with the kind of energy and excitement that everyone has come to expect.”
Then, Plepner added, in an incredible example of business-speak: “We’re going to do that while at the same time parallel processing very embryonic stages of other possibilities.”
The remaining 13 hours of Game of Thrones will be split across two series, with season 7 coming in the summer of 2017.

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