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After 82 years, Monopoly has ditched one of its classic playing pieces
Thanks for the memories...

Farewell dear thimble, you gave us many great memories.

In an era where technology is king and attention spans are waning by the day, it seemed as if the death knell would sound for classic board games that have endured through the generations.

Board games like Monopoly, which can take hours to complete and cause massive rifts between friends and family members, appeared particularly under threat.

The property board game has managed to remain popular, however and though it’s coming up on 100 years old and will remain faithful to its origins, it can’t be accused of not moving with the times.

According to the BBC, having already got rid of the iron in favour of a cat in 2013, the game’s makers, Hasbro, have decided to dispense with the thimble.

They obviously feel that the current generation don't have much truck with an implement used to protect one’s finger while sewing.

The public were invited to vote on its replacement, with a hashtag and an emoji amongst the thoroughly modern options provided.


Voting has now ended with the new token set to be revealed on World Monopoly Day on March 19.

It’ll be interesting to see the eventual replacement, although if they come for the car when they’re deciding to do their next cull, there’ll be war.

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