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25th Aug 2015

40 years on, Born to Run is still one of the best albums ever

Tom Victor

What was your biggest achievement at the age of 25?

Perhaps you’d learned the opening chords of Smells Like Teen Spirit, or devised recipes for two different types of omelette. Maybe you’d even read the first 100 pages of War and Peace.

Whatever it was, chances are it wasn’t as good as Born to Run.

The magnum opus of the best New Jersey export since Mesut Özil swapped shirts at half-time against Monaco, it started off incredibly and somehow got even better.

After opening with a certified banger in the form of Thunder Road, we could have forgiven The Boss for kicking off his shoes, lying on a chaise longue and basking in the glory of his achievement.

But not Bruce.

Oh no. He went on to do this…


And who could forget this…

That’s enough for now, our omelettes are getting cold.