Line of Duty fan theory 'proves' H reveal is fake 1 year ago

Line of Duty fan theory 'proves' H reveal is fake

Line of Duty fans won't let it go and perhaps for good reason...

In case for some reason, unlike every man and his dog, you haven't still watched the finale of Line of Duty season six, here is your final warning: SPOILER ALERT!



It was Buckells.

Buckells? More like bollocks


I know, we're not having it either - and, apparently, neither is social media. Since the big H reveal aired last night, fans have been giving mixed reactions, to say the least. However, several are still convinced this was a decoy.

The real 'fourth man'?


With a potential season seven already having been teased by the BBC, plenty of people aren't willing to accept that Buckells is truly 'H' and some people think they already have the real answer to the million-pound question.

As it happens, there is a decent proportion of people on Twitter who think the real man behind the fall guy is Chief Constable Osborne, who, for most, would be much more plausible than the 'bumbling' Buckells - seriously we've read that phrase about 80,000 times today.


The devil is the details

Like many of you who watched, we're all for it: they haven't said the show is ending and a lot of people noted that the writing of the season six finale felt no way near as intelligent as the rest of the show (barring the blatant Boris dig, we can get behind that).

But is there any real evidence to support that theory that it's actually Osborne? Well, maybe. For instance, here are a few Twitter users that have picked up on some very worthwhile inconsistencies/points of interest that could, at least, disprove that it's bloody Buckells! - we'll take anything at this point:


We could go on forever but we also suspect if you're a fan, you've been doing as much deep-diving on Twitter and Reddit threads as we have. All we're gonna say is no one has confirmed that the show is over - in fact, quite the opposite.

So, who knows? Might this have just been a set up for the real H reveal? Might there be one final twist in the tale?