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23rd Apr 2018

The next Spider-man movie looks likely to be set in partially in the UK

Wil Jones

Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of the most underrated films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Holland makes the perfect Peter Parker, and just watching him hang out with his diverse group of friends at his New York high school is just a delight. Michael Keaton is also brilliant as The Vulture, and there’s great support from the likes of Hannibal Buress, Donald Glover, Marisa Tomei, and of course, Robert Downey Jr. Plus, it has the best plot twist of the MCU since Iron Man 3.

Spidey is set to return, along with basically every other MCU hero, in Avengers Infinity War. But a sequel to Homecoming is also on its way as well. We don’t know many details yet, but Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige gave an interview to io9, where he dropped an interesting nugget:

“We start filming early July. We film in London. We shot [the] first film in Atlanta.

“And we shoot a lot of films in London but there’s another reason we’re shooting in London which is, yes, Spidey, of course, will spend some time in New York, but he’ll spend some time in other parts of the globe.”

As Feige states, Hollywood movies being shot outside of America is pretty common, but sometimes that’s just because it’s cheaper to do so, and movie magic is used to make you think it’s a different city – just like the first one being set in New York, but filmed in Atlanta. But if Spidey is set to travel the globe, you’d think they’d set at least some of it in the country they’re filming in.

Spidey is very traditionally a New York hero – he needs all those skyscrapers to swing between. But it is not unheard of for him to venture outside of the US in the comics. In 1987, him and Mary Jane even had their honeymoon in the South of France, where Spidey ended up fighting b-tier villain the Puma.