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08th Feb 2022

Jimmy Carr Netflix special: 15,000 sign petition calling for comedian’s show to be removed

Kieran Galpin


Jimmy Carr has said he will ‘go down swinging’

Over 15,000 people have signed a petition urging Netflix to remove Jimmy Carr’s special from their platform after a comment he made about the Holocaust sparked widespread outrage.

Carr’s In His Dark Materials, which premiered late last year, has received immense criticism for essentially saying that the Gypsy people being killed during the Holocaust was a good thing.


A petition on ActionStorm has since gone viral. Entitled “Jimmy Carr: The Genocide of Roma is Not a Laughing Matter”, the petition details why the 49-year-old’s remark is so offensive.

It states: “Hundreds of thousands of Gypsies, Roma, and Traveller people were killed in the Holocaust. Roma people call it ‘Porajmos’, meaning ‘the devouring’.

“Historians estimate that as much as 25-50 percent of the entire Romani and Sinti population of Europe were victims of genocide at the hands of the Nazis, a crime of almost unimaginable proportions.

“To this day, affected communities in the UK and across Europe still struggle to navigate this immense collective trauma and come to terms with the scale of grief and loss.”

The petition also acknowledges that comedy is inherently subjective. However, the petition adds that “when punchlines are indistinguishable from the genuinely-held views of fascists and Neo-Nazis, a line has very clearly been crossed”.

It reads: “We acknowledge that Jimmy Carr highlighted the widespread ignorance that exists with regard to non-Jewish victims of the holocaust, but it was nevertheless incredibly crass for him to claim his ‘joke’ therefore had an ‘educational quality’.

“If this was the case he would have used his considerable platform to raise awareness of Roma Holocaust Memorial Day to his 6.7m followers. To our knowledge, that has never happened. That speaks volumes.”

The statement concludes: “There is no legitimate basis for this ‘joke’, and no positive to its inclusion which outweighs the profoundly negative impact it produces.”

Health Secretary Sajid Javid was one of many to slam the comedian, stating that “I think we all have a right to react to that.”

Speaking to Times Radio on Monday, he added: “And one of the best ways anyone can react to that is show these platforms, what they think about Jimmy Carr by not watching or listening to him, and that will send him a very strong message.”

Similarly, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said: “Those comments are deeply disturbing and it’s unacceptable to make light of genocide.”

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