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06th Jun 2018

13 Reasons Why officially renewed season three by Netflix

Rudi Kinsella

Two seasons weren’t enough.

One of the most talked about television shows in recent history is coming back for a third season.

13 Reasons Why is a show designed to tackle tough, real-life issues and create a much-needed discussion about important subjects such as rape, suicide, mental health awareness, bullying and gun-related violence.

The show has a number of critics who claim that it’s far too graphic in the way that it depicts suicide and rape, and that this will have the adverse effect that it intends to have.

Others believe that highlighting the realism of these issues may have the desired effect of addressing bullying in school, and also thought that it was genuinely good television: exciting from start to finish, with interesting, complex characters.

If you are the latter, you will be happy to hear that the show is coming back for a third season.

The second season ended on a massive cliffhanger, so Netflix giving the show a third season isn’t going to surprise anyone too much.

The show made the announcement on Twitter, with a 17 second trailer:

The post gives very little away about the new season, but we can only assume it will follow the events that took place in the final episode of season two.