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28th Jun 2018

12 new boys and girls are going into Love Island – and one of them is Jack’s ex

Wil Jones

It’s time to mix it up a bit

One of the best things about Love Island is that the producers are not afraid to just go in and screw with the format to keep things interesting. Like, do you remember how when Big Brother first started, and they tried to say it was some sort of ‘social experiment’? Love Island knows it is just an entertainment show, and therefore makes sure it is entertaining.

On last night’s show, Eyal and Zara were both dumped from the villa – which means the house is beginning to look a bit empty. So they need to top it up with a few more contestants.

But instead of just one or two more, there are a whole dozen going in. six boys and six girls.

But that’s not all – as teased at the end of last night’s episode, the show will also see the return of Casa Amor, the second villa.

It’s not been confirmed yet, but it appears that the boys will be moved to Casa Amor and be staying with the new girls, while the new boys will be joining the existing girls in the main villa.

Has anyone ever noticed that Love Island is a lot like Lost, with a second island and all that?

But in the words of all the best infomercials: BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE.

One of the new girls is 22 year old Ellie Jones, who is the ex of Jack (who of course, is part of this year’s golden couple with Dani).

She says she met Jack in August 2016, and they dated “On and off”, but “weren’t in an official relationship”.

She finished off with: “When I look at him, I do still think there is something there, but I would never go back there.”

Drama is likely to ensue.


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