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02nd Jul 2017

10 new TV shows that you really should be watching

Rory Cashin

The best from 2017 so far.

Before you start asking where is Better Call Saul, Master of None, Orange Is The New Black, Fargo etc, they’re all well into later seasons, so you won’t find them here.

Similarly, people looking for The Young Pope or Westworld or National Treasure, they all debuted late in 2016, so you also won’t find them here.

Some of the shows below haven’t even finished their first seasons yet, so there’s a chance it could all go to hell in a handbasket before long. Or become the greatest first seasons of any show ever, but that’s the roll of the dice we all take with news shows, isn’t it?

On with the countdown, starting with:


Why should we be watching? For anyone looking for something to fill that void left behind by the likes of Making A Murderer or Serial, this 7-part doc on the killing of a teacher at a Catholic school should do nicely. We’ve already told you just how addictive it is. Highly recommended.


Why should we be watching? There isn’t a huge amount of TV right now that is suitable for both kids and adult, but this Series is just funny enough to keep the younger audience entertained, and just dark enough to keep accompanying adults smirking. Plus, Neil Patrick Harris is properly hilarious as the evil Count Olaf.


Why should we be watching? The first season of the spin-off of The Good Wife sees Diane Lockheart (Christine Baranksi) team up with her god-daughter (Rose “You Know Nothing Jon Snow” Leslie) in a new law firm. It ramps up the sexy times and the bad language, but keeps everything people loved of the original show, without anyone having to have actually seen any of it.

Clip via Channel 4


Why should we be watching? Ex-Hollyoaks hunk Ricky Whittle becomes the bodyguard to Ian McShane, who turns out to be something of an Old School God, who is slowly amassing an army to fight the New School Gods, which includes Gillian Anderson dressed as David Bowie and Marty McFly’s Dad as Mister World. It would definitely win Best Looking/Weirdest Show on TV Right Now award if it wasn’t for what comes in at No.3.

Clip via Amazon Prime Video UK


Why should we be watching? Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis, Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford, two old school actresses who famously hated each other’s guts, and the story of the one film they worked together on, all from the guy who made American Horror Story. Featuring some of the best performances you’re likely ever to see on the small screen.

Clip via Feud FX


Why should we be watching? A new dramedy from the folks behind Orange Is The New Black, telling the true(ish) story of the real(ish) 80’s hit show Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Alison Brie is fantastic as the good girl forced to become the villain, and the soundtrack is properly immense. The feel good hit of the year.

Clip via Netflix


Why should we be watching? It isn’t easy to tell an important message while also being very entertaining, but that is exactly what Dear White People manages to do, as it deep dives into modern America and how racism has evolved. If that sounds heavy, don’t worry, because also too often DWP manages to be very, very funny.

Clip via Netflix


Why should we be watching? Just another comic-book TV show in the same way that Goodfellas was just another gangster movie, the story of a mental institute patient who discovers he might be the most powerful mutant on Earth is the Best Looking/Weirdest Show on TV Right Now (sorry American Gods), and once again shows that there is life in the Comic Book Adaptation yet.

Clip via Marvel Entertainment


Why should we be watching? This could have just as easily taken the top spot, thanks to the incredible performances from everyone involved (if Kidman doesn’t win every award going, we’ll eat our hat), and by starting off with a Desperate Housewives-esque murder-mystery plot and veering off into some very dark territory. An absolute must-watch.

Clip via Serially


Why should we be watching? In a year filled with Important TV – Dear White People tackling racism, Big Little Lies taking on domestic abuse, etc. – The Handmaid’s Tale stands head and shoulders above them all, placing itself as probably the most important thing on TV right. Fear, politics and sexism is mixed in with a sci-fi dystopian tale that merges Children Of Men with an even more depressing Hunger Games, and Elisabeth Moss’ central performance confirming her as this generation’s most consistently underrated actress. Not just the best show of 2017, probably the most important show of the decade so far.

Clip via Hulu