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12th Mar 2021

Police officer charged with kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard

Reuben Pinder

Human remains found in woodland in Kent were identified as Sarah Everard on Friday

A serving Met Police officer has been charged for the kidnap and murder of Sarah Everard, who went missing last Wednesday while walking home through south London.

After a week long search, police confirmed that human remains found in woodland in Kent had been identified as Sarah Everard, 33.

The 48-year-old man charged with her kidnap and murder will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Saturday to face the charges.

A vigil is being held on Saturday evening at Clapham Common bandstand to ‘Reclaim These Streets’ to remember Sarah.

When news broke confirming the human remains had been identified as Sarah, the worst fears of her family were confirmed, and an outpouring of grief from women everywhere followed.

The tragic case of her abduction and murder has promoted a discussion around men’s behaviour, and how men must do more to intervene when they see threatening behaviour, and do more to make women feel safer on the streets.

Manchester United player Marcus Rashford called upon his fellow men to listen and learn from this story, tweeting:

“This is just heartbreaking, I’m so sorry,” he tweeted.

“This should have never happened. Men we have a role to play. To listen, to protect, and to allow women to feel safe at whatever time of day. I have sisters, nieces… just horrible. I’m sending my love to Sarah’s family.”

JOE spoke to the women of Clapham about Sarah’s story, and their own experiences of harassment by men.

“God bless Sarah,” one respondent said. “She did absolutely everything in the book to keep herself safe. She had bright clothes on, running trainers, she was even on the phone to her boyfriend. She went down all the main roads.

“Obviously she shouldn’t have had to do that in the first place, but all women have that instinct in them to do that.”

“Men are the problem.”