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16th Sep 2021

Driver punches cyclist after getting enraged at his riding group

Kieran Galpin


The man was not charged

A cyclist in the UK was punched while riding his bike by a motorist who was displeased by the way they were riding.

As it stands, it’s currently legal for cyclists to ride two abreast on British roads, and yet, one driver was enraged so much that he decided to attack the bikers.

A backwards-facing camera captured the moment perfectly as the group overtook the car in question. As the bikers crossed the driver’s window, one of them was grabbed by the road rage induced driver.

The cyclist was punched several times before the car knocked them to the ground, almost running them over.

The cyclist at the centre of the incident Ady Short spoke to about the altercation, saying: “He followed us for about 90 seconds, overtook us and braked hard in front of the group causing us to swerve around him.”

Short continues to say that the man was angry but “before I could explain he started hitting me.”

Short suffered a black eye as a result.

“He also knocked my wife off her bike, the camera was hers and she suffered cuts and bruises but wasn’t considered part of the case as the police couldn’t actually see her.

“We made the guy wait as the police were called and told him when he tried to drive off that he would end up in more trouble.”

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police said that the gentleman will not be charged.

“In line with national policy, in cases of common assault with no injury, where the offender is identified and fully admits the offence, then an adult caution is deemed a suitable outcome,” the spokesperson said.

“We are committed to providing a high level of service for all victims of crime, and if any victim is dissatisfied with the service they have received then they can make a formal complaint via the Office for the Police and Crime Commissioner.”

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