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08th Apr 2020

The young football fans recreating classic goals in their garden



Kieran and Lucas O’Hanlon are brothers and they have a mutual love of all things football. That’s not surprising considering that their dad, Sean, enjoyed a 14-year career with clubs like Swindon Town, MK Dons and Carlisle.

With school off for the foreseeable future, the two brothers have been spending plenty of time in their back garden doing what they do best. And in recent weeks, that has meant recreating some of the best goals ever scored.

From Francesco Totti and Ronaldinho to David Beckham and Diego Maradona’s famous Hand of God, Kieran and Lucas’ recreations have proved so popular that they have gone viral online.

Viewed more than four million times on Twitter, their video has been shared by the likes of Wayne Rooney, Piers Morgan and AS Roma themselves.

We dialled up and video called Sean and his sons to ask what it feels like to go super viral for playing in your back garden.