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24th Jan 2020

Could you pass the Oxford University interview?

Joe Gilmore

Ever wanted to get into a prestigious school?

All of us have thought of it at some point, haven’t we? What it’d be like to rub shoulders with some of the most intelligent students in the land, as well as those who didn’t get in but had their father call up the admission office insisting upon it.

But aside from imagining yourself walking through beautifully landscaped campuses and, one assumes, sipping on Dom Pérignon during your pre-drinks, have you ever considered how you might actually get your foot in the door?

Well, if you apply for an elite university like Oxford, there’s more than likely going to be an entrance exam that you’ll have to endure/smash before you’re considered further.

Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘This is a respectable institute that produces some of the largest and best minds in Britain, better get studying for this exam’, but it turns out most of the questions are the sort of thing you and your friends might have come up with after an evening of smoking cheap weed in uni.

Could you pass? Watch the video below to find out.