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11th Aug 2021

Aliens will land on Earth later today and start a war, claims ‘time traveller from 2714’

Danny Jones

TikTok 'time traveller' predicts alien invasion today

Well, that’s that then, isn’t it? Good they let us know really

Y2k, 2012, the Alien War of 2021 – all the highlights.

In case you haven’t yet dipped your toe into the weird world of TikTok, you can find pretty much anyone and everyone on there, creating all types of content. The latest of which being, apparently, conspiracy theories and predictions about the world as we know it ending and falling into the hands of aliens. Standard.

One TikTok user has posted about an incredible event that will take place at some point today, so you might want to pay attention folks. As it happens, aliens are going to sneak down to earth under the guise of a meteor shower and start the first “Nozic War”. Again, thanks for letting us know in advance.

@aesthetictimewarperWatch out for this… ##fyp ##fypage ##timetravel ##timewarper ##timetraveler ##nozics♬ Acid Rain – Lorn

Turns out, this time-travelling hero (oh yes, they’re from the future, in case you wondered why they had such crucial information) has chosen TikTok of all places to inform the human race of their impending doom. You know, the place where people post videos of them following along to dance crazes, shaking their arse, cooking videos and saying “sheeeeeeeeeeesh!”

The individual in question, Aery Yormany or @aesthetictimewarper, has actually been at this stuff since June, when they posted their first and initially unassuming video about “events you will miss in your lifetime (I’m sorry)”.

@aesthetictimewarperThere is a lot more you need to know to help humanity. ##foryou ##fyp ##fypage ##foryourpage ##future ##mystery ##timewarper ##timetraveler ##mankind ##mars♬ Epic Emotional – AShamaluevMusic

When I say unassuming, that lasts for about two seconds until you realise they’ve jumped into nonsense about ‘Warp Drive’s’ being created in 2185 and Mars being fully terraformed by 2214. As you can see, this person – who claims to be from the year 2714 (glad humans last that long, to be fair) – seems to have a complete timeline of our species’ future.

Moreover, at least 625,000 people are following his chronology closely, with who knows how many more casual viewers? The page has had a total of 4 million likes across more than 60 videos, each delivering some other kind of prediction or about what’s next for humanity.

@aesthetictimewarperThe Story of my Life ##timewarper ##fypage ##fyp ##timetraveler ##timetravel♬ Acid Rain – Lorn

Aery has informed his followers of everything from Kamala Harris becoming the next US President and an alien beast being released from a secret Russian facility, to Yellow Stone volcano erupting and T-Rex eggs being found by teenagers who also discover portals to alternate universes. And it didn’t even have to make any of that up myself.

In all seriousness, whoever this ‘time-traveller’ kid is they have a wonderful imagination and I could do with using some of their ideas of a science-fiction book I’ve trying to write. DM me, Aery. We only have a few hours left as well, supposedly, so get a move on.