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25th Jun 2017

PIC: This Father Ted/Radiohead flag is surely the best flag at Glastonbury this year

He just had to turn on that radio...

Darragh Berry

“…And now with their new single, Radiohead.”

Of course, Glastonbury is renowned for its music but in recent years it has also become famous for something more than just guitars and speakers.

The unique flags at the festival make it that extra bit special.

In order to be considered for the best flag at Glastonbury, you need to be a bit more creative than that and these clever people decided to put Father Ted and Radiohead together again for the Radiohead performance.

Although it has been over 20 years since it first hit our screens, Father Ted is still beloved by its fans. WThey constantly use phrases from the show and try and fit them into everyday life.

Poor old Kevin, played by Tommy Tiernan, had a turbulent time on his short-lived appearance on Father Ted. He found a friend in Ted who saved him from jumping off a building and instead convinced him that life was worth living.

He stayed with Ted, Dougal, Jack and Ms Doyle for a while in the house on Craggy Island and his time there was pure snakes and ladders (no really, a bad stint at the board game where he got a few snakes in a row nearly pushed Kevin over the edge.)

His appearance on the show happened to coincide with Fr. Ted’s possible move to America and a very upbeat celebratory dance by Ted inspired Kevin to go off and live his life to the fullest again.

That was until the bus driver turned on the radio…

FYI, if you want to know the name of the Radiohead song that turns Kevin’s world to grey again, it’s called Exit Music (for a film) from the album OK Computer.