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27th Aug 2015

WhatsApp has unveiled some very cool new features…including these emojis


Ben Kenyon

WhatsApp have rolled out a major update for android users which could mean significant changes for its users.

Android users will have several new features to work with including the middle finger emoji (let’s face it, we’ve all been waiting for that), custom notifications and a new ‘low data’ mode for phone calls.

There is also a host of other emoji included in the update such as the Vulcan Salute from Star Trek which will have fans everywhere delighted.


The update to the notifications is even more significant for users as they will be able to change the notification sound for different WhatsApp groups and people.

That means you won’t be checking your phone constantly when it’s only a generic group message to a group you can’t even remember joining. You can also mark messages as read and unread much like your email.

The ‘low data’ feature will be especially helpful when making calls off your mobile data rather than Wi-Fi and should help you spare the amount of data you use.

H/T Mashable.