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29th Oct 2017

The difference between Apple and Google’s burger emojis has started a huge debate about cheese

Burger lovers will have some strong opinions on this one

Crafting a good burger is an art, and one that must be studied.

How do you think McDonald’s became the biggest name in burgers? By ruthlessly perfecting their craft, refining the science, getting every detail right every time (or most of the time).

The little things matter, which is why the following has caused such a hubbub. Media analyst Thomas Baekdal noticed a small – but crucial – difference between Apple and Google’s burger emojis, and it’s all to do with the placement of the cheese.

On Apple’s burger emoji, the cheese goes on top of the burger, while Google put their cheese underneath the burger. You see? A small but crucial difference.

You want to know how crucial this is? Google’s CEO promised to investigate the issue right away.

But what is the correct way? A debate soon unfolded in Thomas’ mentions (the poor guy) with many opinions being thrown around on how exactly a burger should be structured.

As far as we’re concerned? Cheese goes on the top. No question. How will it melt otherwise? And the argument for having lettuce on the bottom to stop the bun getting soggy is a convincing one, but that’s surely a rarity?

What do you think? Feel free to argue amongst yourselves.