Zlatan Ibrahmović's latest tweet perfectly sums up his character 8 months ago

Zlatan Ibrahmović's latest tweet perfectly sums up his character

Never change, Zlatan

Zlatan Ibrahimović is a divisive figure to say the least. His outlandish arrogance can turn some people off, while others are enamoured by the utterly unapologetic confidence of the man.

The Swedish striker now plies his trade in Major League Soccer, last playing in Europe for Manchester United. The end of his spell at United was bittersweet, as he tore ligaments in his knee after landing awkwardly from an aerial challenge.

The injury ruled him out for a long period of time and all but ended his prospects of winning any trophies with Manchester United. But such is the character of 'Zlatan', even at the age of 35, he would not let that injury end his career. Having kept his body in impeccable shape throughout his career, he was in good stead to return to the pitch, albeit not at the highest level.

But he returned nonetheless and is banging in the goals in MLS, which deserves commendation despite the obvious caveat of how bad defences are in MLS.

His latest tweet, about his return from injury, completely encapsulates his character. The juxtaposition of his knee post-operation and his shirt-off celebration for his new team, LA Galaxy, shows how far he has come since suffering such a horrendous injury.

Dare. To. Zlatan.