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02nd Oct 2017

You have to feel sorry for unlucky punter who had TWO lucrative accumulators ruined by Liverpool

Twice in a week...

Ben Kiely

If you backed up your faith in Liverpool this weekend with money, we sincerely feel sorry for you.

However, odds are, you weren’t let down as much as this unlucky sod who not one, but two potentially lucrative accumulators ruined by the Reds this week.

The man needed 10 results to come through in order to turn his tenner into a serious wedge.

West Ham, Man City and Burnley all won 1-0, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United scored dominant 4-0 victories, Arsenal won 2-0, Stoke City edged Southampton 2-1, Bournemouth and Leicester shared the spoils of a goalless draw, and West Brom and Watford finished two apiece.

Liverpool did not win, however. Their clash away to Newcastle ended in a 1-1 draw.

To make matters worse, this isn’t even the first time Liverpool have let the man down this week.

Their 1-1 Champions League draw with Spartak Moscow last Tuesday saw him miss out on another big return.

If ever there was a man who needed to stop betting on red…