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20th Jun 2018

World Cup moments but with dandelions instead of a football

This should not be funny. It really shouldn't.

Ciara Knight

Footy, eh?

It’s a funny old game, made even funnier when you replace the ball with a single dandelion.

Look, this is dumb. It has no right to be funny. But for some reason, it sort of is?

Seeing world class footballers sweating in pursuit of the chance to kick a dandelion clean out of the grass is kind of hysterical.

Truly, do not give this more than 30 seconds of your time.

Just enjoy if for what it is – utter stupidity.

Manuel Da Costa takes aim at a particularly plump dandelion

Bernardo Silva gets to the dandelion first – what a thrill!

Roman Zobnin and Ahmed Hegazy battle it out to kick the dandelion

Carlos Bacca and Gen Shoji are willing to fight to their death for that elusive dandelion

Thiago Cionek and Sadio Mane race to get a sweet sweet kick of that dandelion

Shinji Okazaki owns that dandelion, they are one

Carlos Bacca doesn’t care who gets in the way, he’s going to kick that ruddy dandelion

Kyle Walker and Naim Sliti battle it out to gain control of the dandelion

Jordan Henderson strikes the dandelion on behalf of his country

David Ospina fails to reach the dandelion before it crosses the line